My bucket list for 2016

The new year started some days ago and that’s why I wanna show you my bucket list for 2016. Let’s get started!

– always be polite and happy

– write better grades

– improve my french

– improve my italian

– don’t be so shy

– have a white christmas

– learn some Hip Hop moves

– find a four leaf clover

– go to a concert

– have my 1st real kiss

Travel and adventures:

– visit more places on the world

– go surfing

– get to know new people and cultures


– let my blog be active

– be active on Twitter

– get a Twitter Follow from a famous person


– eat french Macarons

– try more strange food

I think these points are a lot of things on my Bucket List for 2016. If you have a Bucket List, tell me what your goals are for this year. One year later we will see if I reached all these things.

See you soon:mrgreen:


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